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Bill Bush Exploring a new path

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How Generational Equity helped Bill Bush sell his business

When Bill Bush realized he hadn’t been fishing for 15 years, he knew he needed to start making time for the things he enjoyed once again. Generational Equity’s advisors put his business out to hundreds of buyers and came back with several companies who were serious about purchasing. We helped him find the right buyer, and got him on the path back to his favorite pastime.

From obtaining a professional evaluation to enhancing the value of Bill’s company prior to sale, our M&A professionals opened up a range of opportunities that got him exactly where he wanted to be. If you have a destination in mind, or are just curious about where to take your business next, speak to one of our Senior Business Advisors and see what Generational Equity can do for you.

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I got the guys from Generational Equity to come over and look at the business, to look at the financials – all the stars kind of lined up…within a week we had an agreement and hired the company to represent us.

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M and A Advisor award
Thomson Reuters award
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M and A Advisor award
Thomson Reuters award
Inc 500 award

50 awards, and counting

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