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Mike Polarek A Road less traveled

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How Generational Equity helped Mike Polarek sell his business

Mike Polarek was travelling to work from Houston to Dallas nearly every day for 20 years. One day he woke up and it dawned on him just how long the road ahead was. For Mike, the priority was making sure his son had a future at his company, but after he took an opportunity elsewhere, Mike got the go-ahead to sell his business and start living for himself. Generational Equity helped him overcome a range of obstacles to eventually find the right buyer and start living the life he always dreamed of.

Our professionals brokered a great deal that Mike was enthusiastic about accepting, but after circumstances occurred which were out of both parties’ control, the deal was called off. Generational Equity worked hard to restore the deal, and just two weeks after it was called off, the money was back on the table. When selling a business, it’s not always plain sailing, but when you have the right people guiding you through it, you can ensure the optimal deal is achieved. If you are thinking about where to take your business next, get in touch with one of our Senior Business Advisors and find out what Generational Equity can do for you.

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Generational Equity, Tom and Chris, they really did a good job for me. They were the confessors, the psychologists – they just did everything.

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M and A Advisor award
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