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Generational Brings Creative Rights M&A Conference to Grammy Week

By Generational Group

Maximizing the Value of Creative Assets

Private equity, family offices and other investors are pouring cash into the music industry; “Maximizing the Value of Creative Assets” will provide valuable insight and new alternatives for rights-holders at all levels.

To coincide with the 2022 Grammy Awards, we are pleased to announce that Generational Group will be holding a special edition of our popular Growth and Exit conferences – with a focus on the sale of creative assets by performers, songwriters, producers, labels and other music industry entrepreneurs.

The invitation-only event, entitled “Maximizing the Value of Creative Assets”, will take place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday, April 1, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Generational conference is held in conjunction with Creators Capital, a leading Startup Studio and incubator for the creative community.

Special guest attendees will include several Grammy-award winners and nominees, social media influencers, and rising stars in the music industry.

Generational Group is a leading M&A firm for privately held businesses, ranked #1 in the nation by Refinitiv in transactions up to $25 million, and #2 in transactions up to both $100 million and $500 million in value. With offices in 16 North American cities, the investment banking firm advises business owners and stakeholders in every industry vertical – including rights-holders looking to monetize their creative assets.

Streaming revenue has revolutionized the music industry, turning royalties into a reliable source of income for performers, songwriters, producers and other music industry players – especially during the pandemic, when earnings from performing live have been unpredictable.

Monetizing these royalty streams has become big business, with buyers including not just entertainment conglomerates and private equity firms, but also family offices, private investors and financial institutions. Some catalogs have even been packaged as bonds and sold to third-party investors.

As with other areas of the business, maximizing the value of creative assets depends on planning, timing and execution. This conference will provide attendees with the insight and perspective on the sales process that allows them to fulfill their financial dreams even as they pursue their artistic vision.

“Monetizing creative IP assets is important, not just for artists with large catalogs, but for every rights holder in the music business,” said Terry Johnson, Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer at Generational Group.

“In an era where artists, producers, and writers at all levels have the opportunity to sell their catalogs to a range of buyers, understanding the value of those assets and how to best leverage the sales process is critical. The right advice and representation can help them maximize the monetary value of their assets, whether they are an A-list superstar, or an up-and-comer who deserves the same level of advice and support."

Johnson added, “I’m excited about the difference we can make in the music industry’s creative community.”

“One of the most important gifts successful businesspeople can give is the transfer of what they know to the younger generations and those less knowledgeable,” Jaxon Huffman, founder of Creators Capital said.

“Music copyright catalog owners should never receive less than what the market says they deserve, and I’m pleased Generational is serving as an experienced and trusted advisor to rights-holders to ensure this principle is respected.”

The conference is invitation only. Anyone interested in attending should contact Jaxon Huffman with Creators Capital at

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