Grow smart. Sell smart.

The Growth and Exit Strategies Conference

This event is for business owners that want to understand the M&A process, learn their equity options and how to create an exit strategy because without one, you risk losing a lot of time and a lot of money. We’ve helped over 115,000 business owners get prepared for the market. Attend this impactful, one-day event and let’s get your business prepared.

Registration and Breakfast: 7:30 am – 8:00 am
Minimum annual revenue requirement: $2 Million

July 23, 2024

Durango Casino & Resort
Las Vegas, NV

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Generational Rankings

A Record of Success

Each year, LSEG (formerly Refinitv) ranks M&A firms based on their results in closed transactions.
This success is a reflection of our commitment to our Core Values and delivering results for our clients.

$25 Million

Ranked # 1 in closed transactions
up to $25M

$50 Million

Ranked # 2 in closed transactions
up to $50M

$100 Million

Ranked # 2 in closed transactions
up to $100M

If you are not prepared, you're not ready

When the journey is this important, you need to know what lies ahead.

Would you go on a journey without a plan? When the timing is right for you to exit or seek out growth opportunities, you absolutely need one. Don’t get lost in the challenges and pitfalls too many business owners have faced.  As a leading M&A advisory firm, we help middle-market business owners learn the tactical strategies they will need to give them the advantage when it’s time to go to market. Take a moment and watch the video to learn more or call and speak with a Senior Business Advisor today: 346-326-8880


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Grow smart. Sell smart.

The first steps you take on your M&A journey are critical. You can trust our experience.

Generational is a leader in M&A. Imagine what we can do for you.  Complete the form or call and speak with a Senior Business Advisor today to learn your options: 346-326-8880

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